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To ensure architects are compliant with zoning laws and other regulations and rules, most states require architects to secure and renew licenses regularly. In addition, there are professional associations designed to ensure architects follow industry-accepted best practices.

In Rhode Island, both The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Division of Design Professionals require architects to secure ongoing training and education — including training in HSW, or Health, Safety and Welfare. In order for architects to renew their licenses, all required training must be completed by a specific deadline.

Multi-Faceted Benefits for Continuing Education

While Rhode Island AIA courses are required, they are also beneficial to architects in other ways. In a competitive and ever-changing field, ongoing training gives architects a business advantage by allowing professionals to offer an ever-expanding selection of services as well as the services customers currently demand. As zoning laws, environmental laws and other laws change, education helps architects stay compliant. Architects can also learn about new technologies and materials through online training. For example, they can learn about new smart home technologies, new materials and new best practices. As demand for energy-efficient homes increases, architects can rely on continuing education to help them deliver the types of building designs customers want.

Finding AIA Training in Rhode Island

For years and for more than 1.4 million professionals, Lorman Education has been a partner in continuing education. Our company offers training to help you secure Rhode Island AIA credits online or through live training. Our educational offerings include:

If you’d like the best selection of training options, our All-Access Pass gives you a full year of unlimited training in many of our most popular formats. Complete your training from your phone, laptop or tablet in your home or office — without having to travel hours for in-class education.

Learn at Your Pace with Lorman Education

We make continuing education easy, so you can focus on what you’re learning. Learn at your own pace with the method that you prefer and we make it easy for you to get the paperwork and proof of education you need for your license renewal and to meet all state and AIA requirements.

Stay fully compliant and learn more so you can further your career. Take Lorman Education training offerings, all designed by leaders in your field. Many of the professionals who trust our training materials use them year after year, returning to Lorman Education to take advantage of our up-to-the-minute professional training. We’re proud of these professionals and their commitment to furthering their education. We honor that trust with often-updated offerings and superlative customer service. When our clients want a specific course offering or need a specific type of training, we work hard to provide them with what they need.

For yourself or your architectural firm, we have the education offerings you need. Contact us to find out more, browse our thousands of training materials, or sign up today to start learning now.

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