Continuing Legal Education: Personal Injury

In the United States, when a citizen or visitor is seriously injured due to a wrongful act or due to someone's reckless or negligent action, they may have a claim against the liable party if the action leads to economic losses, damages or serious injury. For legal professionals, personal injury represents a potentially lucrative and personally satisfying revenue stream.

However, personal injury law changes regularly. Insurance industry lobbies, for example, routinely seek ways to limit damages — especially non-economic damages — in personal injury cases. In addition, class-action claims and defenses can affect litigation strategies for attorneys. Over the past several years, social media has also shaped personal injury law by allowing insurance companies and defendants unparalleled access to a plaintiff's personal life.

Building Your Personal Injury Practice

For an attorney with a personal injury practice, personal injury continuing legal education (CLE) courses offer up-to-date information about current damage caps, personal injury legislation, ethics rulings and other legal matters that can affect personal injury claims. If you're a professional in a state where your state bar association requires CLE training for license renewal, taking additional training may be made mandatory. Even if it is not, taking personal injury law CLE credits online or through some other means allows you to enhance your offerings in the highly competitive personal injury field.

Lorman Education offers on-demand and live online training as well as white papers and other learning solutions designed to fit into your busy professional practice.

Personal injury claims have the potential to build a practice — but also come with considerable risks. Contingency fee arrangements mean attorneys often take on considerable overhead when taking on personal injury claims — often with no assurance of success or payment. Selecting the best claims and knowing how to pursue them successfully is the cornerstone of any professional practice. In addition, learning to understand how plaintiffs’ social media presence can affect a claim is essential in today's market.

CLE Training in Personal Injury Fields

CLE training can help you understand issues affecting personal injury law today. It can help you understand current trends and legislation in medical malpractice claims, bicycle accident claims and wrongful death claims. Training can help you understand how to support clients during their claim and how to select the claims most likely to yield successful outcomes in the settlement or trial phase. Learning how to investigate fully while ensuring all evidence is admissible can also be essential to success, especially in medical malpractice cases, which often hinge on medical testimony from consultants. In addition, as insurers try to limit damages and losses, learning how to seek the fairest compensation for clients sometimes comes down to understanding current regulatory and legal climates.

Lorman Education allows you to get up-to-date training from legal professionals across the country. Whether you prefer learning through reading, live interactive online training or on-demand pre-recorded options, Lorman Education is pleased to offer a range of training solutions with thousands of topics related to personal injury claims. We have training related to car accident claims, insurance law and other topics so you can build your expertise in the personal injury field. Browse our training offerings today to get started.

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