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Architects in Pennsylvania have a vital role to play. The buildings they design add to the beauty of our communities, and these buildings become where we work, play, learn and live. Structural safety is an essential component of an architect’s job, and best practices and standards change over the years.

Architecture is a dynamic and growing field. Environmental laws change how architects design buildings, especially as we become more aware of how building design can help us become more energy efficient. The popularity of smart homes and new technologies mean architects need to be aware of how fully “wired” homes and technologies work, while zoning laws are always changing. In all these areas and in others, architects need to be fully compliant while helping clients create spaces they will love.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), the PA State Architects Licensure Board and other bodies exist to ensure architects in Pennsylvania and beyond have the knowledge and skills to create designs that meet current laws and standards. The AIA and other bodies require that architects take Pennsylvania AIA courses or other continuing training to ensure the professionals can stay compliant with current regulations.

Finding the Right AIA Training

Of course, many architects are eager to get continuing education not just to renew their professional licenses but also to deliver the highest-quality services to their clients and develop their own interests. Since architecture changes as new materials, designs, trends and technologies are introduced, architects need to keep learning to stay competitive, compliant and fully engaged in their chosen field.

Of course, architects are busy professionals and not all can attend hours of live training to fulfill curiosity and licensing requirements. That’s why Lorman Education offers live training as well as mobile ways to secure Pennsylvania AIA credits online. No matter how you like to learn, we have training solutions to help you. Lorman Education is pleased to offer:

Whether you are a visual learner or prefer text or audio, we have solutions you can access easily and quickly from your phone, laptop or tablet. We make training easily accessible so you can focus on learning, not on trying to make training fit into your busy schedule.

Choosing Lorman Education: The Professional Solution

More than 1.4 million architects, engineers and other professionals have already chosen Lorman Education for their continuing education needs. Many professionals return to us year after year so they can continue to expand their knowledge base and competitive advantage. We even offer in-house training if your architectural firm requires company-wide support in training and continuing education. You can always contact us if you’d like to learn more.

If you’re interested in enjoying these same benefits, browse our course offerings or check out our All-Access Pass, which gives you access to unlimited training for a full year, allowing you to develop an intensive curriculum to take your career to the next level.

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