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In Oregon, architects need to meet continuing education requirements established by The American Institute of Architects (AIA), Oregon Board of Architect Examiners and other professional associations. Continuing education mandates ensure architects can stay compliant with changes to zoning laws, environmental laws and other regulations affecting building design.

Architects in Portland and other parts of Oregon need to understand the unique needs of their region as well. For example, since Oregon is a coastal state and close to the fault lines of California, architects also receive training in flood zone construction and seismic construction. In addition, Oregon AIA courses need to include some HSW, or Health, Safety and Welfare, training.

Where Can You Find Training?

There are many ways you can secure state-required and AIA mandatory continuing education, but you’ll want to select your training provider carefully. The wrong training may not meet AIA or Oregon Board of Architect Examiners requirements, which may result in difficulties getting your license renewed. If you are ever audited by the Oregon Board of Architect Examiners, you will also need to show proof you have received approved levels of training. Failure to do so can lead to penalties.

In addition, the correct training can do much more than just allow you to renew your license. Quality continuing education can help you with professional development and provide a substantial advantage when it comes to furthering your career. It also makes training simple and accessible, meaning you can complete your education requirements without sacrificing professional time.

If you’re looking for a good solution for your educational requirements, Lorman Education offers Oregon AIA credits online as well as in-person training. We can offer live education programs or you can learn from the comfort of your office or home using your laptop, smartphone or tablet. With Lorman Education, how you study is up to you.

Why Lorman Education?

The Lorman Education advantage starts with our team. We work with only highly respected professionals in the architectural field, so all your training is led by and developed by architects who understand today’s best practices and laws. Whether you need a primer on current building and zoning laws in Oregon or need to be compliant with environmental laws and design, our AIA and related training materials can help. We have thousands of training materials for you to choose from.

At Lorman Education, we also understand that as a successful architect you may not have the hours needed to travel to attend a class. That’s why, in addition to our live training, we offer a selection of onDemand options, including archived classes, whitepapers, MP3 recordings and more. You can study at your own pace and with the types of material that suit your learning style.

In fact, with Lorman Education’s All-Access Pass, you can secure a full year of unlimited access to our training materials, so you can study and learn as much as you like for a one-time payment. Our most flexible offering, your pass gives you access to executive reports, course materials, course recordings and everything you need to meet AIA and Oregon continuing education requirements. Check out our full selection of training today.

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