North Dakota AIA Courses

Fulfill your mandatory continuing education (MCE) requisites and other ongoing education requirements with our online AIA courses and training designed to fit into your schedule.

North Dakota AIA Courses and Training

Architects in North Dakota must not only be professionals with the right credentials to practice in the state, but The American Institute of Architects (AIA), the North Dakota State Board of Architecture and other professional bodies have their own requirements. The AIA and other organizations require architects in the state to take ongoing training and education programs.

The Benefits of AIA Training for Architects <.h4>

North Dakota AIA courses can help architects fulfill AIA mandatory continuing education (MCE) requisites as well as other professional association ongoing education requirements. In addition, taking online training can help architects by offering a number of benefits:

  • Continuing education allows architects to stay competitive in their field
  • Ongoing training allows architects to master new areas of their profession, potentially even allowing them to offer new services and options to clients
  • Post-degree education helps architects discover new ideas and stay motivated and excited about their chosen careers
  • Yearly training allows architects to stay aware of — and compliant with — current laws and regulations

The reality is architecture is a highly dynamic field. Environmental and zoning laws are changing all the time, and new technologies — such as innovations in smart home technology, drones and changes to the construction industry — change architectural firms and the services they offer. While many architects are passionate about their jobs and attend conferences and read trade publications to stay aware of the latest innovations, there’s no substitute for training.

Training allows architects to interact with professionals in their field and to learn from those who have been in the profession for longer. It allows architects to get a more in-depth view of relevant subject areas. In many cases, training is interactive, allowing for better comprehension and retention.

Choosing the Right Training

All this is true if architects secure continuing education and AIA training through a professional and experienced provider. At Lorman Education, for example, we have already helped more than 1.4 million architects, engineers and other professionals secure the training they need for professional accreditation or just for their own professional development.

One thing we’re proud of is how many professionals choose to return to Lorman Education year after year to fulfill their training requirements. Our architecture and other professionals tell us they appreciate our commitment to high-quality training, offered in a variety of formats.

You see, at Lorman Education we understand how busy architects are. That’s why we make it easy to secure the training and education you need through our live training and our online programs, which allow you to earn your North Dakota AIA credits online. We offer archived classes, whitepapers, audio training and other options you can take from the office to the field, and we also offer live training to allow you to network and meet with others in your industry.

Lorman Education also understands faculty matters. It’s why we’re relentless in finding and securing the best architecture professionals in the field to create our training programs. Check out the offerings on our website today or find out more about how Lorman Education can be your partner in professional success.

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