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The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recognizes that architects have a duty to keep up to date with their education and requires all members to get a set amount of training each year to renew their membership. In addition to this mandated training, many architects choose to get continuing education in order to hone their skills and stay more competitive in this demanding field.

The New Jersey State Board of Architects is the body overseeing licensing for architects in the state. The board requires architects renew their licenses every two years and obtain 24 hours of continuing education — with 16 of these hours in health, safety and welfare topics — to do so. When renewing their license, architects must state they have fulfilled their education requirements and must keep paperwork related to their continuing education for at least four years in case they are audited. In addition, architects who are members of AIA must take New Jersey AIA courses to renew their membership. Architects can take New Jersey AIA credits online or in person to fulfill this requirement, but they must take 12 HSW subject hours and an additional six continuing education hours to fulfill their AIA requirements.

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