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Architects need to train continuously to keep up to date with changes in their field and to expand their knowledge base. Whether you need to learn more about the legal issues affecting construction projects, need a refresher about zoning laws in your area or want to know more about new laws or other issues affecting your clients and your practice, Lorman Education Services offers you lots of options for attending and securing the continuing education you need. For both professional development and state licensing, we offer a range of courses that can help you meet your needs.

If you’re considering Nevada AIA (American Institute of Architects) courses or training, you will need eight HSW hours of approved continued education each year to renew your license in the state. Two of these hours must be related to architecture code. You must keep records of your Nevada AIA credits — earned online or in person — for at least three years. If you are a member of the AIA, you must also complete 12 hours of HSW subject training and six additional hours of approved continuing education to be eligible for membership renewal.

Practical and Thorough Training

Lorman Education Services understands that architects already have busy lives. It's why we offer online and OnDemand training that you can access from your home or office. We make it easy for you to get the training you need quickly and efficiently through a tablet, smartphone or your computer. You can access our content from a variety of devices and in a selection of formats. Whether you prefer to learn through MP3s, written course materials, slide decks, audio books, recorded webinars or interactive events, we have the educational solutions you’re looking for.

At Lorman Education Services, we understand learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. We understand architects are always developing their skills and training. It's why we offer our educational programs in a way that makes sense for your field. Our live training and prerecorded courses as well as our MP3s, audio books, articles and other content material let you train at your own pace and from wherever you are. We help you learn on your terms.

Why Lorman Education Services Is Your Choice for AIA Continuing Education

The Lorman Education Services team is proud to be one of the largest providers of Nevada AIA credits online. Some of the top architects and engineers around the nation as well as the largest architectural firms choose us when they need to expand their knowledge base and gain a professional edge. What we’re most proud of, though, is the fact that many of our clients return to us year after year to expand their skills and to continue their education to meet licensing and professional organization mandates. Our clients tell us again and again that our convenient methods of content delivery and our high-value training programs help them succeed in their chosen field.

If you're ready to take your architectural career to a new level, sign up for an All-Access Pass at Lorman Education Services. You'll get a full year of access to our most esteemed course offerings, including our upcoming and newly released training's.

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