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The legal profession is constantly changing and, with it, so is the role of the paralegal. The NALA Certified Paralegal (CP) program was created to provide a recognizable standard for paralegal training. Certified professionals have passed a comprehensive exam and made a commitment to their ongoing continuing education. As a result, paralegals with CP training are better positioned to adapt to changing on-the-job requirements and more competitive when trying to advance their careers.

CP Continuing-Education Requirements

Once you’ve passed your initial CP exam, your certification is valid for a period of five years. During this time, you are expected to keep making your continuing education a priority, either through approved online CP courses or through other activities. To recertify, you must demonstrate that you have completed 50 credit hours of training, of which 5.0 must be in a topic related to professional ethics.

Lorman Education Services has a large inventory of courses that can help you earn CP credits online. Our training programs include:

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Training Programs for Today’s Professionals

In addition to being accessible, Lorman Education Services’ CP courses are designed to offer valuable insights that help you do your job better. We believe continuing education is about more than simply meeting your training requirements – it’s about building skills for a better career. Our webinars and self-study courses cover a diverse range of topics, including:

All programming is updated to reflect the latest state and federal laws, as well as the larger cultural and technological changes that inform the way you work.

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