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If you are an accounting professional in Montana, you likely already know the challenges associated with keeping your training up-to-date, particularly if you live outside any of the state’s major population centers. Travel to in-person classes is both expensive and time consuming, and can easily represent a significant drain on your resources.

Fortunately, Lorman Education Services makes it easy for Montana CPAs to earn CPE credits online. Our innovative distance learning options make it possible to keep your training up to date, learn from experts in your field and meet your professional requirements, without leaving your home or office.

CPE for CPAs in Montana: What You Need to Know

Montana CPAs are required to complete 120 credit hours of approved CPE every three-year reporting period, the most recent of which began Jan 1, 2016. Credits can be earned through both formal group and self-study options, though 2.0 hours in an approved ethics course must be completed each renewal period.

Fortunately, for busy CPAs, Lorman Education Services offers multiple convenient ways to earn Montana CPE credits online. Because the state does not place a limit on the number of credits that can be earned through self-study, it’s easy to meet your requirements with our OnDemand archive. Follow the links below to browse our extensive catalog of previously recorded webinars, slideshow presentations, audio books, eBooks, manuals and more. All content is available to download or stream at your convenience, from any internet-enabled device.

We also regularly host live webinars that give you an opportunity to interact more directly with our instructors. Check out our calendar and register for an upcoming class today!

Courses and Faculty

Lorman Education Services has been developing innovative CPE training programming for more than 30 years. Our instructors are carefully selected from top 100 CPA firms, and have been chosen specifically for their expertise. We base our classes on the most recent changes to state and federal legislation, and strive to offer a balanced perspective between legal theory and the practical implications of these laws for working CPAs.

A wide range of general education courses is available, as are many topics of specific interest to CPAs in Montana. Select courses include “Montana Oil and Gas Rights,” “Zoning, Subdivision and Land Development Law in Montana” and more.

Why Learn With Lorman?

When you make Lorman Education Services your choice for Montana CPE training, you are working with an organization that has helped more than 1.4 million professionals across the country take their careers to the next level. We offer training that goes beyond meeting your CPE requirements to deliver value and insight for all participants. No matter where you are in your career, you can benefit from our live and self-study courses.

Ready to begin? Register for an upcoming class or purchase an All-Access Pass. At just $699/year, there’s no better or more affordable way for dedicated learners to meet their Montana CPE requirements online.

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