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As an architect, your primary responsibilities include driving innovation in design and managing risk for your clients. As trends, laws and technologies change, however, what it takes to accomplish these goals changes too. It’s for this reason that – following recommendations by American Institute of Architects (AIA) – most states have mandated that all working architects undergo a minimum amount of continuing education training each year. Keeping your training current is the best way to improve the level of service you offer your clients and consequently to keep your practice successful and profitable.

Lorman Education Services is a leading provider of world-class continuing education in a convenient online platform. We offer several ways for you to upgrade your skills and earn AIA credits online that meet Maryland’s continuing education requirements.

Your Maryland AIA Training Requirements

Maryland architects are required to complete 24 credit hours of approved training every two-year renewal period. As many professionals also work in neighboring states, the Maryland Board of Architects strongly recommends that these courses be spread out evenly over the two-year renewal period, to ensure consistency with other licensing guidelines.

All credits must be earned through courses covering what the AIA defines as “health, safety and welfare” subjects – a broad category covering the various ways a building or site’s structural integrity, soundness and health impacts the general public. This can include everything from energy efficiency and occupant comfort to legal issues such as zoning, land use and historic preservation.

Training Options From Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services offers multiple ways for architects to qualify for Maryland AIA credits online:

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