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Continuing Legal Education: Immigration Law

Immigration law concerns the rules and regulations that govern immigrants, foreign workers, asylum seekers, citizens and refugees in the United States. Immigration laws have become stricter in recent years and have shifted frequently, placing a greater emphasis on enforcement. Attorneys need to stay aware of the latest changes affecting immigration regulations and law to fully support their clients. Continuing legal education (CLE) training is one way to get added expertise in refugee, immigration and related areas of law.

In some states, immigration law CLE courses are required of attorneys after they pass their bar exam and begin to practice law. In other states, continuing legal education is recommended. For attorneys who need CLE training to be compliant or want additional training to become more competitive in their fields, securing immigration law CLE credits online is one option for balancing a busy professional practice with further training.

Professional Practice Legal Training

Lorman Education makes it easy to learn more about immigration law and the current statutes, bills and legal concerns in this field. Whether you want to develop an immigration law practice area at your firm or already specialize in immigration law, CLE training allows you to hone your skills. Accountants and commercial or corporate lawyers can also benefit from immigration law CLE training.

Additional CLE training in immigration law will make you familiar with international immigration and recent changes to immigration laws and requirements. Further training can also help you comprehend changes to business immigration requirements and areas of law pertaining to applicants’ families. With CLE training in immigration law, you will be able to offer support to the families and individual clients seeking help with immigration applications, immigration appeals, asylum applications and more. Whether your clients have run into issues with immigration laws or are applying to come to the United States for the first time, CLE training ensures you have the legal expertise to support them fully with your understanding of current laws and precedents.

Changing Immigration Laws

For generations, America has been a land of opportunity for people around the world. Global citizens come to this country for a chance at a new life, and refugees and asylum-seekers search for safety on our shores. The number of laws concerning entry into the United States as well as work visas and other visas have become increasingly more complex since the days of Ellis Island. Visa requirements, caps and new visa designations change yearly. It can be confusing for immigration applicants to navigate their way through the system, which is why they often turn to attorneys. Attorneys can build this area of their practice or enhance the services they offer by getting CLE training. In addition, depending on the state where you practice, specific numbers of CLE training hours may be required to renew your license to practice law in your state.

In either circumstance, Lorman Education is standing by with thousands of course offerings for you to choose from. From white papers to live online training to on-demand training, Lorman Education makes it easy to secure the number of CLE hours you need to meet state bar association requirements. Check out our CLE training opportunities in immigration law, asylum law, refugee law and related areas of law today.

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