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Our HR Certification Institute (HRCI)-approved PHRi courses are built to be convenient to your schedule and help you stay current with your HRCI credit requirements.

Lorman Education Services gives you the training you need to keep your PHRi certification up-to-date.

PHRi certification prepares HR professionals to work in an international context, enhancing local credentials and demonstrating “a mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles.” PHRi certification is available to anyone working outside the United States who has either:

Attaining certification requires passing a three-hour multiple choice test and then either retesting after three years or completing 60 credits of approved professional development over that same period of time.

Why Get PHRi Certified?

PHRi is an internationally recognized standard anyone working abroad can benefit from. In addition to earning a valuable credential that can help you take the next steps in your career, you’ll also learn important skills that can be useful in managing risk, improving efficiency, attracting and retaining top talent and more. PHRi also provides a stepping stone for further HRCI credentials, including the SPHRi and GPHR programs.

Earning PHRi Credits Online

International credentialing programs such as PHRi are enabled by a large network of organizations offering the chance to earn credits online through webinars and other training. Since 1987, Lorman Education Services has been at the forefront of international distance learning. We offer a large catalog of English-language PHRi courses that can be completed from anywhere in the world. With our programs and with our convenient pricing, it’s easy to recertify your PHRi credentials without having to travel or take time away from your other responsibilities.

Our Courses

Lorman Education Services offers two ways to earn PHRi credits online:

We’ve taken great care to offer training options for professionals the world over, with courses covering broad topics such as conflict resolution, mentoring programs and more. All are developed and led by recognized experts, and are packed with useful information for HR professionals at any stage of their career. Browse our catalog by following the links on this page.

Why Lorman Education Services?

If you’re an international HR professional, there is no shortage of places to earn PHRi credits online. Only Lorman Education Services offers the training programs that will give you a competitive advantage in your career. Add to that our extensive, diverse catalog of approved PHRi courses and it’s easy to see why, to date, more than 1.4 million working professionals have made us their first choice in continuing education.

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