HRCI-Approved Continuing Education Training for California’s HR Professionals

Our HR Certification Institute (HRCI)-approved PHRca courses are built to be convenient to your schedule and help you stay current with your HRCI credit requirements.

Lorman Education Services gives you the training you need to keep your PHRca certification up-to-date.

HR professionals working in California have to deal with a unique set of state regulations that make their jobs different from anyone else’s in the country. Because of this, the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) has created the Professional in Human Resources – California (PHRca) certification, a unique program that addresses the specifics of CA’s HR laws.

Becoming PHRca Certified

PHRca certification is earned by completing a multiple choice exam covering the following topics:

Once you have passed the exam, your certification is valid for three years. In order to recertify, you are required to either take the test again or to complete 60 credits of approved professional development activities, of which 15 must be specific to California’s HR laws and regulations.

Earning PHRca Credits Online

Lorman Education Services makes it easy to recertify thanks to our extensive catalog of approved online PHRca courses. We offer training through a combination of live webinars and self-study programs, all of which are developed and taught by carefully selected HR experts. Choose live programming if you want the opportunity to interact with others in your field, without having to travel to attend in-person events. Alternately, our self-study training programs include previously recorded webinars and other useful content that allows you to learn at your own pace.

We offer PHRca courses that fulfill both the national and state-specific requirements for recertification. Some training programs which may be of interest to HR professionals in the Golden State include:

In addition, many of our PHRca courses cover more general topics, including best practices for building mentorship programs, how to attract and retain top talent and other issues any HR professional can benefit from. No matter where you are in your career, you’ll benefit when you earn PHRca credits online with Lorman Education Services.

HR Training Is About More Than Certification

Professional credentials such as PHRca certification can be important to growing your career. However, the real value to HR training is the skills it imparts that help you manage risk and work more effectively. That’s why your choice of training programs is so important. At Lorman Education Services, we take great care to ensure our PHRca courses offer genuine value for all participants, so you can both meet your re-certification requirements and do your job better on a day-to-day basis.

Experience the Lorman Education Services difference by downloading OnDemand content, registering for an upcoming webinar or, better yet, purchasing an annual All-Access Pass today. For more information about earning PHRca credits online, or about our training programs in general, get in touch with our customer response team directly by phone or email.

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