HR Certification Institute aPHR Certification Courses

Our HR Certification Institute (HRCI)-approved aPHR courses are built to be convenient to your schedule and help you stay current with your HRCI credit requirements.

Lorman Education Services gives you the training you need to keep your HRCI aPHR certification up-to-date.

Find HRCI-Approved Continuing Education Live Webinars, Seminars, Online and OnDemand CoursesOur HR Certification Institute (HRCI)-approved aPHR courses are built to be convenient to your schedule and help you stay current with your HRCI credit requirements.

Human resources professionals know the importance of keeping their training and certifications current. In order to effectively manage risk for your organization, you need an in-depth understanding of HR laws. At the same time, finding and attracting talent requires staying on top of new technologies and trends. For these reasons and more, smart professionals are investing in ongoing training as a way to grow their careers.

The HR Certification Institute’s Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) program is one of the most-recognized certifications for HR professionals at the start of their careers. Initial certification is done through multiple choice testing. After that, however, aPHR professionals are required to complete 45 credit hours of additional professional development training every three years to keep their certification valid.

Lorman Education Services’ aPHR Courses

At Lorman Education Services, we understand that meeting your ongoing professional development requirements is a major commitment. We were founded in 1987 with the goal of giving professionals easy, affordable and more convenient ways of keeping their training up-to-date. We offer a wide range of courses that meet the HRCI’s requirements for aPHR recertification, including both live and self-study training options.

Our live webinars bring together HR professionals from around the country in a convenient virtual classroom that encourages participation and interaction. Dozens of courses are hosted every month, each of which is taught by an experienced HR professional and is based on the latest legal and cultural developments in your field. Recent courses have covered hot-button topics such as:

And more. Browse our catalog of aPHR courses and register for an upcoming webinar today!

Earn aPHR Credits Online Through Our Archived Content

Can’t take time out of your busy day to attend a live webinar? No problem. Our extensive archive of OnDemand content can be accessed at your convenience. Choose from previously recorded webinars, manuals, audiobooks and more. Our archived aPHR courses let you learn at your own pace, whether you’re at home, in the office or on the road. For today’s busy HR professionals, that’s an important advantage that makes recertification easy while still providing all the benefits of Lorman Education Services’ world-class training.

Take Your Career to the Next Level — Today

aPHR certification is an important first step for many ambitious HR professionals interested in growing their careers. If you’re serious about keeping your training current, Lorman Education Services can help. We offer a convenient annual All-Access Pass that lets you take unlimited live and OnDemand courses for the low price of just $699/year. You’ll also receive a number of exclusive perks, such as our course concierge service and monthly newsletter. Keep browsing our website for more information or, better yet, sign up and start training today!

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