Continuing Legal Education: Food and Beverage Law

Food & Beverage Law CLE Training & Continuing Education Courses

In today's competitive food and beverage industry, legal matters such as trade secrets, secret recipes, trademarks, labeling issues and other matters have come to the forefront. Attorneys offering representation and legal support to corporate and business clients in this industry need to stay aware of the latest developments and the latest claims against companies to provide their clients with the best advice and legal services.

If your state bar association requires you to take a specific number of continuing legal education (CLE) training hours or secure training for license renewal to practice in your state, taking food and beverage law CLE courses may be mandatory for you. Even if your state doesn't have this requirement, taking CLE training allows you to enter the in-demand food and beverage law practice area and expand your offerings for clients. In either case, Lorman Education is proud to be able to offer food and beverage law CLE credits online as well as white papers, online live training, on-demand training and other CLE training options to help you manage your need for training alongside your busy professional practice.

Food and Beverage Legal Concerns

CLE training in food and beverage law can include training about current standards for accurate labeling as well as information about mislabeling. It can further include training about product liability cases and claims made against companies for failing to provide safe food products to consumers. With an increasing number of customers with serious allergies and specialized diets, food products and ingredient choices are an essential component of law. If you have a practice supporting industrial and business consumers in producing food substances, CLE training can help you ensure your clients stay compliant with current FDA guidelines while also minimizing possible litigation risks.

Whether you are acting as a defense attorney for companies in the food and beverage industry, acting to reduce risk or working to review contracts, food and beverage law understanding may be crucial for your firm. It can help you support clients who want to stay compliant and safe, even in an environment where food and beverage may include multiple vendors.

CLE Training That Fits Your Legal Practice

Lorman Education understands you want to be able to offer the best services to clients and want to hone your legal skills while also running a successful business. It's no easy task, but Lorman Education has been helping more than 1.4 billion professionals further their training over the past 28 years. We understand one solution for busy professionals is to offer a range of training options.

For our CLE training clients, Lorman Education is pleased to offer online live training, on-demand training, white papers and other options in thousands of legal areas, including food and beverage law, product liability law, business law and related legal areas. You can hone in on the topics that interest you and are most relevant for your law firm. Lorman Education can provide you with the format and the type of training you need to not only meet state bar association requirements, but also to fit into your busy schedule. Review our thousands of training opportunities today to find the right fit for you.

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