Continuing Legal Education: Environmental Law

Environmental law is a broad subject area affecting many potential cases and clients. For example, toxic tort and personal injury attorneys may require comprehensive knowledge of environmental law to deal with premises liability claims and personal injury claims filed by plaintiffs whose properties have been compromised due to environmental law violations or hazardous spills. Attorneys serving business and industrial clients need a comprehensive understanding of environmental law to ensure contracts and business practices are compliant with current federal and state legislation regarding waste disposal, emissions and other areas of concern.

Environmental Law Today

Environmental law changes radically with new precedent-setting court cases and new federal and state laws passed as a result of international agreements and domestic benchmarks for environmental protection. Knowing how to protect clients from claims and potential legal issues is an important part of any environmental law practice, and indeed most personal injury law and business law firms.

Taking continuing legal education (CLE) courses in environmental law prepares attorneys for dealing with a variety of issues, including:

Lorman Education Services allows you to build a strong understanding of environmental law so you can use the knowledge in providing your clients with value-based legal support and services. Since Lorman Education Services understands your busy legal practice doesn't leave much extra time, we make it easy for you to take the environmental law CLE courses you need.

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Lorman Education Services offers on-demand training as well as training in a variety of formats — so you can use the educational tools best suited to your learning style and schedule. In addition, if you're looking for environmental law CLE credits online, Lorman Education Services is pleased to offer live online training right at your home or office. Taught by experienced legal professionals with a deep understanding of their field, online training gives you access to the latest information about current and past cases as well as information about the latest laws and bills that could affect future environmental law cases.

Lorman Education Services has been trusted by more than 1.4 million professionals such as yourself. We have taught some of the leaders in the field as well as upcoming professionals headed for great things. Our goal in every case is to provide access to continuing education to help attorneys meet the demands of their state bar and legal associations while also supporting attorneys in building the most competitive practices.

If you would like to ensure your environmental law practice is strong and meets all state bar requirements, take a look at the training materials offered by Lorman Education Services. We offer a wide variety of CLE training opportunities for you and your legal team. On your time and in your preferred format, we deliver the educational materials you need to stay compliant in your industry and to build the tools for success.

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