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To effectively protect your clients’ best interests, you need an in-depth understanding of elder law. State bar associations require practicing attorneys to stay abreast of the law, which includes taking continuing education courses. While CLE can help you meet your state bar’s requirements, it can do more. When you take the time to update your knowledge base with relevant and informed continuing education, you can provide a higher caliber of service to your clients.

For the insight you need into today’s evolving elder law landscape, trust Lorman Education Services. You can take advantage of our many different online education options to learn at a pace that makes the most sense for your learning style and busy schedule. To stretch your education dollar further, invest in an All-Access Pass for just $699. You’ll get unlimited access to all of our OnDemand training materials, as well as priority registration for all upcoming live courses.

Lorman Education Services Offers Two Ways to Expand Your Elder Law Knowledge Base

Through live and archived training content, you control how and when you learn.

You can take advantage of the dozens of live training programs our industry experts offer every month. With live training programs, you can network with others in the field as well as tap into the expertise of today’s top elder lawyers with insightful questions.

Our OnDemand training offers a host of learning opportunities. If you can’t take time away from your busy schedule, tap into our extensive archive that features a host of CLE options, including:

Experts in elder law, representing the top 350 law firms in the nation, design and deliver our courses. Based on today’s relevant topics and the most recent iterations of the law, our courses can expand your knowledge base while you earn elder law CLE credits online. While our extensive catalog covers broad elder law topics, it also features state-specific courses for improved relevancy in your field.

Not only can Lorman Education Services help you meet your state bar’s requirements, it can also help you differentiate your firm from the rest. You can:

A Leader in Continuing Education for Over 35 Years

For more than 35 years, Lorman Education Services has been helping attorneys expand their knowledge base, provide higher quality service and meet their state bar’s requirements. Our accessible and innovative training has benefited over 1.4 million professionals, and they can benefit you, too.

Get started today by downloading archived content, signing up for an upcoming live course or taking advantage of our All-Access Pass. You can discover why Lorman Education Services has been leading elder law CLE for over three decades.

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