Continuing Legal Education: Disability and Social Security Law

As the population ages, disability and Social Security claims become more and more pertinent for the practicing attorney and paralegal. As states and federal government agencies seek to reduce debt and balance the budget, many claimants with disabilities find their applications denied or find their benefits eventually cut off. When this happens, they often turn to attorneys to help them secure compensation for medical bills and other benefits.

Disability and social security law continuing legal education (CLE) courses prepare you for assisting these clients with some of the common issues that can arise during disability and Social Security claims. Continuing legal education allows you to learn about the latest precedents and cases in this field of law so you are prepared to offer the best value in support for your clients.

Social Security and Disability Law

Social Security and disability claims often occur when a client has been injured and can no longer work. Securing benefits in these cases is imperative to allow the client to continue to pay their bills. For the practicing attorney, these claims represent a considerable stream of revenue.

Seeking further education in Social Security and disability law allows attorneys to learn about cross-examining medical experts, current legal precedents, current state blue book policies, current lump-sum payouts for permanent disability and more. Attorneys armed with the information they need to help guide their clients to successful claims have the tools needed to build their practice.

If you'd like to learn more about this important and lucrative area of the law, Lorman Education provides disability and social security law CLE credits online and in other formats, so you can study around your busy professional practice. On-demand training materials online from Lorman Education Services allow you to study when and where you can, so you are more prepared to serve your clients when they walk in your doors.

CLE Training for You

In addition to on-demand training, Lorman Education Services offers live online training. Live online training materials allow you to study from home, learning the latest facts and cases in the Social Security and disability law claims. Our courses are taught by leaders in the legal field.

For over 35 years, we have been pleased to serve more than 1.4 million busy professionals who have wanted to build their professional practices and to offer better value to their clients and customers. We understand law is a constantly changing field, and our training materials offer the most up-to-date information so you get the training and the comprehensive education you need to stay competitive.

In addition to Social Security and disability law CLE training, Lorman Education Services is pleased to be able to offer thousands of online and on-demand classes for attorneys and legal professionals. We can offer you the latest legal training for your state, as well as training in virtually every practice area of the law.

Whether you are already providing Social Security and disability legal support or representation for your clients or whether you are just preparing to launch this practice area at your firm, Lorman Education Services can help you get the training and background you need to fight for your clients in court and at the negotiating table.

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