Continuing Legal Education: Constitutional Law

Written in 1787, the United States Constitution is the law of the land in this country. It forms the basis of many of the laws and freedoms Americans enjoy today. While many citizens believe the Constitution is a fixed document, legal professionals understand the Constitution is a living, breathing law — one that changes frequently.

Constitutional law continuing legal education (CLE) courses are essential for professionals living in states requiring CLE training for legal practice licensing renewal. Even in states where state bar associations do not impose such requirements, continuing legal education allows attorneys to hone their expertise in this area and to offer better value to clients. Attorneys interested in entering the field of U.S. constitutional law can also benefit from CLE training to gather the expertise they need to offer constitutional law services to clients.

Continuing Education in Constitutional Law

Lorman Education Services is a leader in online and on-demand CLE training. We’re proud to offer training in U.S. constitutional law, civil rights law and related fields. If you're looking for up-to-date information about U.S. Supreme Court rulings, changes to Constitution law understanding and other areas of constitutional law, visit Lorman Education Services to learn more about our on-demand training, live online seminars, white papers and other training materials.

Constitutional law is forever changing with U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Since the U.S. Supreme Court has the right to deem certain laws unconstitutional, thereby changing our understanding of constitutional rights and laws, attorneys need to stay aware of current U.S. court decisions in order to provide their clients with the best care. Clients filing appeals or new claims may find their claims permanently affected by a U.S. Supreme Court decision passed down in the past few weeks or past few days. Understanding the most recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings and their implications can thus be crucial for attorneys in every practice area — including business law, family law, personal injury practice areas and more.

In addition, understanding constitutional courts, judicial reviews, current civil rights legislation, current interpretations of constitutional protection for individuals and groups and government law is essential in understanding constitutional law. Training can help hone your understanding of the administrative law, the U.S. Supreme Court and other government branches impacting constitutional laws. In addition, you may learn about pending legislation and how it may affect interpretations of law in the future.

Getting Training on Your Terms

Of course, attorneys are busy building their practices and serving their clients. Spending hours in CLE training or traveling for training may not be an option. Lorman Education Services makes it simple to earn constitutional law CLE credits online for your state bar association’s CLE requirements. Lorman Education Services is pleased to be able to offer white papers, on-demand training, live online training and other formats for you to choose from. If you're a constitutional law attorney and need to stay up to date to meet requirements for your law license, or if you are an attorney interested in expanding your offerings in constitutional law, review the thousands of CLE options at Lorman Education Services today.

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