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Antitrust laws are highly complex and subject to interpretation by courts at all levels. Staying on top of this ever-changing legal landscape is essential for any lawyer dealing with consumer protection or business law. Fortunately, Lorman Education Services, a leading provider of distance learning for legal and financial professionals, offers a large catalogue of training options in subjects related to antitrust litigation.

Why CLE Is Important

All state bar associations require members to undergo regular continuing legal education (CLE) every renewal period. With laws, practices and technology changing constantly, this requirement has proven to be the best way to ensure a consistent standard of performance is enforced.

However, training should be about more than simply meeting your professional requirements. When you take advantage of the opportunity to learn from experts in your field, you will be better positioned to serve your clients in court or at the negotiating table. You'll also have the opportunity to explore new fields of the law and potentially take your career in interesting and lucrative new directions.

Why Train at Lorman Education Services?

Benefitting from everything CLE has to offer requires partnering with innovative training providers. Some of the reasons why Lorman Education Services has emerged as a leading place to earn antitrust law CLE credits online include:

It’s reasons like these that have made Lorman Education Services the first choice in online antitrust CLE courses and other training for more than 1.4 million professionals.

Select Topics in Antitrust Law

CLE courses of interest to competition law professionals may include:

And more! All courses are based on a current reading of federal antitrust laws as well as the working practices of today's attorneys. In our online antitrust CLE courses, you'll learn both the theoretical background that informs the current legal landscape, as well as practical tips and tactics for successfully navigating it.

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