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With more people trying to avoid drawn-out courtroom battles, there continues to be a need for legal professionals with training in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Fortunately, continuing legal education (CLE) training programs are available to help fill that need. Lorman Education Services offers a wide range of alternative dispute resolution CLE courses that make it easy to upgrade your skills and offer your clients more ways of coming to an amicable, mutually agreed-upon settlement in civil matters.

About Alternative Dispute Resolution CLE

Options for alternative dispute resolution can include negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. Compared to going to court, ADR offers both you and your clients a number of benefits:

This makes it a great way for clients to close a difficult chapter of their lives for good and move on. Despite these benefits, ADR isn't for every case. One of the goals of taking alternative dispute resolution CLE courses is to give you the tools to identify when ADR is a viable option and when it is not. To that end, we offer a large selection of relevant courses that look at ADR from both a general ("How ADR Can Help You Avoid Ethical Pitfalls and Better Represent Your Client") and issue-specific ("Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors — A Bankruptcy Alternative") perspective.

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At Lorman Education Services, our expertise in delivering training content through a variety of channels makes it easy to earn alternative dispute resolution CLE credits online. Train at your convenience through live webinars that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, or browse our OnDemand archive of courses that can be downloaded or streamed at any time. From slide shows to audiobooks and white papers, we have one of the largest catalogues of courses and training materials for legal professionals online.

Learning with Lorman starts the moment you sign up for our exclusive All-Access Pass. Just $699 gives you unlimited access to all live and archived training programs. You can also earn alternative dispute resolution CLE credits online one course at a time — register for an upcoming webinar or download an archived program today.

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