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Membership in the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) is a well-recognized way for experienced planners to take their careers to the next level. AICP certification denotes a standard of professionalism, expertise and ethics in planning. Certified professionals can be found around the county, where they are helping build better communities and more effective infrastructure.

AICP Certification Requirements

To become AICP certified, you must possess at minimum two years of experience and a graduate degree in planning from an accredited program, or an equivalent combination of experience and education. For details, check out the APA’s website.

The AICP certification exam is held twice a year — in November and May. Once you’ve passed the exam and confirmed your credentials, your initial AICP certification is valid for a period of two years.

AICP Certification Maintenance

As laws, technology and culture change, a planner’s role evolves along with them. To ensure that all certified professionals have an up-to-date set of skills, ongoing continuing education is a core requirement of AICP membership. In order to renew your certification, you must demonstrate the completion of 32 approved credit hours of continuing education training, including 1.5 credits in professional ethics.

Lorman Education Services’ AICP Courses

Lorman Education Services offers a convenient way to earn AICP credits online through our webinars and self-study programming. Since 1987, we have been a major supplier of distance learning training for professionals across the country. Our AICP courses have been designed by some of the leading experts in your field, and cover topics of interest to professionals at all stages of their careers.

AICP Courses That Work Around Your Busy Schedule

Earning AICP credits online is easy with Lorman Education Services. Our live webinars give you a chance to interact with our faculty without having to travel to attend in-person training. Alternately, our OnDemand archive can be accessed at any time, giving you even more flexibility to meet your recertification requirements. For busy professionals, that’s an important advantage when it comes to keeping your training current. Contact us prior to completing any event of interest so we can check on AICP availability for you directly.

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