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The drive to build healthier, more sustainable and more livable cities is an important priority in municipalities around the country. Many major urban centers are seeing populations boom and, as a result, contesting with gentrifying neighborhoods, aging infrastructure and over stressed transportation networks, among other issues.

There is a clear need for planning professionals with experience in urban design. The AICP Certified Urban Design (CUD) program was created to provide a recognized standard for training and experience among urban design professionals. Becoming certified doesn’t just recognize your hard work — it can also potentially give you an advantage when competing for new jobs.

How to Become CUD Certified

Any planning professional with a valid membership in the AICP and at least eight years of urban design experience can potentially be a candidate for CUD certification. Becoming certified requires completing three short essay questions demonstrating your knowledge and competence, and sitting for the CUD exam. The exam, a combination of multiple choice and scenario-based questions, covers the following topics:

Because of the breadth of topics covered, extensive preparation is required. Lorman Education Services’ CUD courses help you brush up on the information necessary to pass the exam and attain certification.

Recertifying and Continuing Education

Continuing education is another important component of CUD certification. All AICP members must complete 32 credit hours every two years to keep their certifications valid.

In addition to helping you prepare for the exam, Lorman Education Services offers several convenient ways to earn CUD credits online. Our programming includes live webinars, which are hosted from our secure server and accessible from any computer or mobile device. We also have an extensive OnDemand archive of self-study training programs that can be completed at your own pace.

Our Training Programs

Both live webinars and self-study training programs are developed by recognized experts in the fields of planning and urban design. Recent webinars currently available for streaming and download include:

Browse our full catalogue of CUD courses and related training by following the links on this page.

Incisive Training for Planning Professionals

The world of urban design is constantly changing, as the cultural, technological and legal requirements of a livable city evolve over time. Continuing education for CUD-certified professionals is about more than just meeting an annual training requirement — it’s about staying on top of your field and continuing to deliver innovation and insights for your clients.

Lorman Education Services’ CUD courses have been designed to keep your certification and your training current. Our faculty is carefully chosen for its expertise, and comprises professionals from leading national design firms. Register for an upcoming webinar or download programming from our OnDemand archive today.

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