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More and more workers are self-employed or working on a freelance or contractor basis. These employees often require 1099 forms, and employers and employees alike need to stay compliant with IRS rules regarding the filing of these forms. However, without 1099 training, it can be a challenge to stay aware of the complex and frequent changes to 1099 form rules. With Lorman Education Services, you can get online training, in-person training or personalized training solutions to help you understand 1099 filing.

Why Do Freelancers Need 1099 Training?

Freelancers and contractors are essentially running their own business, and part of their obligations include staying fully compliant with all IRS rules and relevant laws. Freelancers cannot rely on clients or companies to know about 1099 forms and other requirements. If a mistake is made at any level, the IRS will hold the freelancer responsible, as it is the duty of the taxpayer to pay taxes owed in full.

With 1099 training for freelancers, contractors and freelancers are poised to comply with 1099 form requirements, reducing the risk they will need to pay considerable penalties for failing to file the forms correctly. Online 1099 training for freelancers can also help freelance professionals be more effective and time-efficient when filing 1099 forms.

1099 Training at Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services has already helped more than 1.4 million professionals secure the training they need for their career. No matter what industry you are in, you can use training from Lorman Education Services to master the 1099 and other skills you need to excel in your freelance business.

Lorman Education Services understands you are busy growing your freelance business, which is why Lorman Education Services offers online training. You can study at your own pace and on your own time, from your laptop, mobile device or computer. Study in between meetings, evenings or at any time you like. Learn using a variety of formats, including Mp3s, articles, white papers, e-books, on-demand training solutions and more. With Lorman Education Services, you are firmly in the driver’s seat and you can study as much or as little you like in the exact format that makes sense for you.

New educational materials are being added all the time, and all your training materials are created by leading tax professionals and leaders in your field. With Lorman Education Services, you’re always learning from the best and you have the most up-to-date and relevant educational materials at your fingertips. Your competitors may already be using Lorman Education Services to get an edge.

Sign up for a yearly membership with Lorman Education Services today. You will get a budget-friendly, one-year membership to access all relevant training materials so you can start training immediately. You can also find out more about in-person training, different membership options and personalized training solutions with Lorman Education Services.

Sign up for Lorman Education Services training today to master 1099 forms and filing in time for tax season. As a freelancer, your training costs may even be tax-deductible.

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