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If you are a freelancer or contractor or run an organization hiring these types of workers, you likely need to file form 1099 and need to meet form 1099 MISC Reporting requirements at both the federal and state level. Unfortunately, while penalties for incorrect filing are high, the requirements can be confusing and change often. 1099 training courses from Lorman Education Services can help give you the edge you need to file correctly.

Lorman Education Services online 1099 training courses keeps you and your business in compliance and ready for an audit. Training from Lorman Education Services will hone your 1099 reporting skills and give you the practical understand you need about 1099 and related forms.

What Will You Learn With Lorman Education Services?

Online 1099 training from Lorman Education Services will help you:

For many busy businesses and freelancers, 1099 forms are complex and confusing. Lorman Education Services 1099 training can help take the guesswork out of these forms and can help you give the IRS the information it needs, reducing the risk you will incur significant penalties.

With Lorman Education Services, you will be able to understand and fill out every box on the 1099 form and you will know when and how you need to file this form. You will understand what is reportable and have a good grasp of the expectations. Whether you are looking at a new hire, wondering about garnishments or have other questions, 1099 training from Lorman Education Services offers the training solutions you need and arms you with the tools necessary to abide by tax rules.

How Will You Learn With Lorman Education Services?

Lorman Education Services has helped more than 1.4 million professionals in every industry. The team at Lorman Education Services understands how busy companies and freelancers are, which is why 1099 training is made to be painless. You can choose from audiobooks, articles, on-Demand training and other formats so you get the right fit of learning style. Lorman Education Services lets you choose how often, when and where you study. You can train using your phone, mobile device, computer or other device so you can always get the information you need about 1099 forms.

Lorman Education Services also understands every learner is different. That’s why you can sign up for a full year membership or different membership levels. Lorman Education Services also offers personalized and on-site training to help you secure the learning environment best for your company. Sign up for training today and you can start working toward full 1099 compliance right now.

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