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Form 1099 reporting issues are a common challenge for consultants. Filing the wrong forms or making any mistakes can put you at risk for an audit or even a fine. The IRS is serious about cracking down on contractors who fail to file 1099 forms in a timely and correct manner, so getting 1099 training has never been more important. If you want to stay fully compliant with IRS rules, 1099 training for contractors from Lorman Education Services can help you.

Lorman Education Services offers online 1099 training for contractors and freelancers. With this training, you can avoid expensive errors and exercise best practices. It is the smart way of practicing due diligence. With Lorman Education Services, you can learn how to avoid B notices, penalties and other issues. Learn how to stay compliant and how to use best practices to protect yourself and your contractor business.

With Lorman Education Services, you can prepare for the form 1099 filing season starting right now. Review educational materials developed by leading tax experts and other top professionals, and learn about form 1099 preparation and filing guidelines. Get the actionable steps and helpful tips you need to make filing a little easier.

Why Consultants Need 1099 Training

Lorman Education Services offers online 1099 training for consultants because contractors need this training to excel. The IRS does not become more lenient when working with a contractor. A contractor who is running a complex business while also trying to stay compliant with ever-changing IRS rules may not be able to afford a lengthy audit or significant tax penalty.

Consultants may be experts in their own fields, but it often takes extensive knowledge of financial matters and IRS rules to understand current IRS regulations concerning 1099 form filing. Consultants may not be able to take time out of their busy schedule to study 1099 rules and changes. They certainly cannot continuously research current IRS rules.

Why Lorman Education Services?

Since consultants are busy, Lorman Education Services offers online 1099 training. This makes it easy for consultants to get the training they need, at their own pace and in their own time. If you are a consultant and join Lorman Education Services training, you are taking part in a training system more than 1.4 million professionals have trusted. You will learn about 1099 forms from leading tax experts and accountants and will get the relevant, actionable information you need right now for your business.

Since you are busy, Lorman Education Services makes it easy to study on the go. Training is available in a variety of formats, including articles, on-demand training, white papers, case studies and more, allowing you to learn in the format that makes the most sense for you. You can study on your own time and at your own pace, without having to travel or to rearrange your busy work schedule.

If you’re ready to stay fully 1099 compliant, sign up for a full-year membership with Lorman Education Services to get complete access to all training materials for one year. You can also sign up for another membership plan, in-person training or other training options.

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