Real Estate Like Kind Exchanges Training Courses

Live webinars, online courses, on-demand training and resources to help you with your 1031 like-kind exchange questions.

Live webinars, online courses, on-demand training and resources to help you with your 1031 like-kind exchange questions.

Find Real Estate Like Kind Exchanges Training Courses Convenient to Your Schedule and Products to Help You Stay Current and Compliant.

A 1031 or like-kind exchange is a business transaction in which one asset — typically real estate — is traded for another of relatively equivalent value. 1031s are important as, unlike conventional sales or exchanges, they are not subject to capital gains taxes. As a result, for certain businesses, 1031 exchanges offer an opportunity to grow or modify their assets without being subject to the same tax burden they otherwise would be.

However, 1031 exchanges must be done in full accordance with the law to avoid expensive penalties. As this area is complex and continually evolving, 1031 training is an important investment that can help anyone considering such a transaction avoid risk.

Training at Lorman

Lorman Education Services offers many 1031 training courses online that cover this highly relevant area of tax law. Whether you are an accounting or legal professional going further into depth on the topic or a business owner who needs some basic education about what can and can't be done with a 1031, we have the training that fits your interests and tailored to your knowledge level. Some topics covered by our webinars include:

Our courses cover 1031 exchanges from both a federal and state-specific perspective, so you can gain a better picture of your responsibilities, whether you're in California, Illinois or beyond. Tax and legal professionals develop all course content and update it as regulations change. They have a working knowledge of real estate like-kind exchanges training.

Convenient OnDemand Programs

To better meet the needs of busy professionals, Lorman designed its online 1031 training courses to be easily accessible from any computer. Register for upcoming live classes or browse our extensive archive of webinars and other content available for download now. While individual classes are affordably priced, for the best value, sign up for a year-round All-Access Pass that gives you unlimited training options. Not only will you get 1031 exchanges educational programming, but you’ll also gain access to a wide range of other issues relevant to tax law, business management and more.

1031 exchanges are an important opportunity for growth and expansion that many businesses don't take full advantage of. Further training in 1031 exchanges helps you identify opportunities, manage risk and position your organization for long-term success. Find out more by browsing our catalog of online 1031 training options and register for a course today.

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