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The Inside Scoop of Sales and Use Tax Audits


Gain a better understanding of what to expect during a sales and use tax audit and how to respond to an auditor's request.

Businesses everywhere, and potentially every day, receive what we like to call a state 'love letter' - a dreaded notification of a sales and use tax audit. For some businesses. they might not have ever gone through a state sales and use tax audit. The thoughts of an audit can feel like a very overwhelming task, but it does not have to be. This topic will explain the ins and outs of a sales and use tax audit. Our hope is that when you receive that 'love letter' shear panic does not come over you. We have noticed an uptick in state sales and use tax audits as a result of many factors - Wayfair and tight state economies as a result of the pandemic. This topic will educate you on the different stages of an audit and what to expect in each stage. This material will also assist you in developing a plan for future compliance. Lastly, we will discuss some industry-specific issues that might arise during a sales and use tax audit. The goal is to help you feel prepared for a sales and use tax audit and to help avoid audit pitfalls that can lead to significant assessments.



Mary Jo Dolson, CPA

Mary Jo Dolson, CPA

Marcum LLP

  • State and Local Tax Partner, Marcum LLP
  • Specializes in all aspects of state and local taxes; handled numerous audits for clients for both state income tax and sales and use tax
  • Extensive experience in other aspects of state and local taxes including Ohio commercial activity tax, payroll taxes, and unclaimed funds
  • Actively consulting with clients on various nexus issues as it relates to state income tax and sales and use tax especially in light of the Wayfair decision
  • Has been involved with various due diligence projects from both the sell side and the buy side
  • Has presented on numerous state and local tax seminars both internally and externally covering various aspects of state and local taxation
  • Member of OSCPA, AICPA, and FICPA
  • Graduate, Youngstown State University; and a CPA
  • Can be contacted at 813-397-4850, [email protected], or on Twitter at @Marcumllp
Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Marcum LLP

  • Supervisor, Tax & Business Services, Marcum LLP
  • Previous experience as an audit manager with the Ohio Department of Taxation, spanning a 30-year career
  • Specializes in all aspects of state and local tax issues
  • Has handled numerous audits in sales and use tax in multiple states, as well as provide sales and use tax research for clients in numerous states
  • Consults with clients on nexus and sales tax issues with regard to the Wayfair decision
  • Also has experience in Ohio commercial activity tax
  • Presented on state and local tax seminars both internally and externally covering sales and use tax topics
  • Graduate, Youngstown State University
  • Can be contacted at 330-564-8548, [email protected], or on Twitter at @Marcumllp

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