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Restoring the Soul After Sexual Trauma

Sexual assault is a traumatic event which opens the person to a matrix of grief. The losses after the event are deep and painful: loss of safety and control, innocence, sense of self, loss of trusting others, your body and self; loss of sharing a part of self, possibly for the first time, with a beloved as an act of intimacy; loss of sense of normalcy and loss of the world as you once knew it.

One of the most critical losses is the loss of trust, either from the offender that may have once been a trusted other, or the person or system which did not or could not protect. The loss of trust can shut off the ability to live with an open heart when the victim/survivor silently vows, “I will never ever let anyone hurt me like that again.” In order to live a vibrant life, a return to trust is essential. Learning to trust again after betrayal is critical to restoration of the soul.

In this on-demand webinar we will look at the progression through the stages of functioning: victim, survivor, thriver and what is necessary to make the progression, with special focus on healing from betrayal and making sense of meaning of the trauma. Joseph Campbell once said, “Madmen and Saints swim in the same water, what drowns one, transforms the other.” Trauma is an opportunity for transformation. This is the heroic journey of post traumatic growth.

Learning Objectives:
•You will be able to discuss what sexual trauma is.
•You will be able to identify three stages of healing.
•You will be able to review making sense and meaning of the trauma and revealing the hero within.



Melissa Bradley-Ball, MS, NCC, BCETS, FAAETS

Melissa Bradley-Ball, MS, NCC, BCETS, FAAETS

The Omnibus Center

  • Has spent more than three decades as an educator and clinical trainer
  • As an EMDR trained (Level I and Level II; specialized protocol trainings) counselor, she has had extensive experience in the field of trauma and frequently trains medical and mental health personnel, agencies, Veteran Administration Hospitals, universities, crisis lines, school systems, corporations and retreat centers in dealing with victims of trauma and other mental health and post-traumatic growth and resilience issues
  • Skills include being a former Child Sexual Abuse Investigator and providing expert witness testimony in criminal and civil court
  • Most notably, as the developer of dozens of clinical continuing education courses, she has taught full day and multi-day continuing education trainings to more than 250,000 professionals, including physicians, psychologists, nurses, clergy, chaplain, Law Enforcement and District Attorneys in hundreds of cities in every state in the United States, Canada and Central America
  • Fellow, Diplomate and Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress for the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and a National Certified Counselor
  • Frequent keynote speaker at national and statewide conferences
  • Among her professional associations, she is also a member of the American Counseling Association
  • Frequent guest on regional and national radio and television news shows discussing a wide range of issues on trauma, abuse, resilience and healing; several of those news series addressing the subject of rape and sexual abuse have won prestigious national and international media awards for those interviews, including the Scripps Howard Award for Broadcasting Excellence, the Edward R. Murrow Award, the Tennessee Educators Association and the New York Festival
  • Educates the masses about how to live resiliently using the heroic journey framework, as Editor of a monthly publication The Heroic Journal which is sent throughout the U.S., Canada & Europe
  • Currently waiting for the release of a PBS Documentary, which was filmed in 2014 with Bradley-Ball, about children and their heroic journey of healing post-divorce
  • Also wrote multiple 100+ page training manuals on the topic of trauma and abuse and is a family mediator
  • Can be contacted at 615-574-0122, [email protected], website, Twitter: MissyBradley or FaceBook: The Omnibus Center

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