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Daniel Robin

Managing Partner at Daniel Robin & Assoc / In3
Santa Cruz, California
Daniel is an experienced business and financial adviser, workshop leader, facilitator and coach with a background in education, technology, leading change, regenerating alignment and commitment, tackling complex ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues, innovation for sustainability and inclusion initiatives at diverse companies, non-profits, schools and government agencies worldwide. The international management consulting firm he founded, Daniel Robin & Associates, specializes in workplace tools for collaboration, change management, performance and learning. His clients experience more effective group dynamics, clearer vision and goal, greater alignment on priorities, and stronger agreements establishing new traditions of creative problem-solving, success strategies and effective decision-making to inspire positive change throughout the organization. Clients are in the US, Europe, Middle East/Africa, parts of Southeast Asia and Latin America.

About Me

How many years of experience do you have in your field?
More than two decades
What topics have you lectured or presented on?
Fundraising, Innovation for Impact & Sustainability, Collaboration, Nature-based Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change
What certifications do you have?
Group Facilitation, Public Speaking, Coaching, NLP, Finance (Moody's Analytics)

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School Degree Graduation Year
University of California, Santa Cruz Computer & Information Science 1985
University of California, Berkeley International Marketing 1987
NLP Comprehensive Practitioner & Trainer 1991

Contact Information

Daniel Robin & Assoc / In3

PO Box 263
Santa Cruz, CA 95061