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5 Benefits of Daily Learning

5 Benefits of Daily Learning

Posted on 02/08/22 By Lorman Team

Daily learning is important for modern workers. Professionals who prioritize learning each day can enjoy a host of professional and personal benefits as a result.

Some benefits of continuing education include:

  • Better pay at work 
  • Promotion possibilities
  • Innovation 
  • Good health
  • Overall happiness

Higher Pay

Research shows that learning has a direct correlation with income.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees with a college education earn more and have a lower unemployment rate. A college graduate with a bachelor's degree will typically earn more than a person who does not advance beyond high school.

Employees often take online classes, attend seminars, and meetings to improve their knowledge and skills. This is professional development leading to better jobs and pay.


Employees who continue their education can have an easier time transitioning to management level positions.

In fact, corporations will often encourage learning among employees with the hope of advancing internally. This can take the form of fully or partially paid continuing education or paid incentives.


Professional success often requires works to find creative solutions to everyday challenges. For this, they need the mental dexterity to innovate.

Daily learning through education stimulates the development of new ideas. Innovation also relates to new ways of using older technology.


Studies show that people who are educated and continue to learn are healthier and less likely to experience mental health issues. They are interested in learning about healthy living, less likely to smoke, and more likely to exercise. They may place more emphasis on healthy eating in place of junk food.

Good health leads to a longer life, more positive experiences, and less stress. Physical and mental exercise keep the body and mind active. Healthy people can learn new skills and make lifestyle changes as they improve their education.

Health insurance companies like to insure people who need less medical care. Healthy individuals are generally employed and more likely to have health insurance through their work.


Lifelong learning can keep people happy and healthy. Individuals need to grow mentally as they age. Several European countries have special education programs for older adults similar to the University of Third Age (U3A) established in France in 1973.

According to Psychology Today: "Gerontological research has shown that enriched learning environments can help reduce cognitive decline due to aging as well as helping older adults deal with depression and poor self-image."

Many retired people want to continue studying new subjects, learn about different places, and new ideas. Others want to stay on top of changing technology, often a challenge at any age! Daily learning keeps the mind sharp. People can set educational goals at any age.

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