Medical Records Law

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Gain new insights in the latest changes to medical records law.

As medical records law continues to evolve, the complexities of how your organization manages these sensitive records now will impact your legal liability later. The medical-legal implications of your records management practices are far reaching and potentially damaging to your organization.

Proper records management strategy is only a small part of protecting your business from potentially damaging legal issues that will happen without understanding the full scope of what your responsibilities are as it pertains to HIPAA and patients’ rights. Not knowing does not protect your business from financial responsibility for damages.

These reference materials will provide insights and examples of “what you must do” and “what you should never do” when handling this very sensitive subject matter.

You Will Learn
•When does HIPAA apply and the definition of a covered entity
•What is protected health information (PHI) and what is not
•Knowing and understanding what must be done when a security breach takes place
•Understand the guidelines of the storage of electronic records

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