Essential Techniques for Productive Meetings

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CD & Reference Manual

2 CD Set with bound 24 page manual
Copyright 2012

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Have your meetings become a forum for competing agendas, apathy and wasted energy? How much time do you waste arguing, nitpicking policies, chasing rabbit trails, delaying decisions, and talking around the real issues? Is scheduling another meeting the only guaranteed outcome of your time together? While meetings have a place and purpose, too often they are experienced as unneeded, unproductive, and unsafe, thus fostering a cynical and apathetic attitude among participants which negatively affects the organization at large. Effective meetings build alignment around common goals, support innovation and decision-making, and facilitate direct, accountable action, and include each participant as a valuable part of the process. In these reference materials, you will learn tips to notice and combat drama in your meetings, identify logistical details to keep meetings on task, engage and motivate a diverse audience, and facilitate a more safe, creative, and accountable meeting atmosphere.

The result: More enthusiasm, more productivity and innovation, less wasted time and energy.

Nathan Regier, Next Element Consulting, LLC