Document Retention and Destruction

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Audio & Reference Manual

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Reference Manual - 388520MAN
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Are you sure you want to throw that document away?

New regulations … the constant threat of audits … the increased use of e-Discovery … in today’s changing legal environment, you’re asking for trouble if you don’t have an effective record retention and destruction policy in place. And even if you do, standards are changing – have your policies changed with them?

Purchase these reference materials and learn what records to store and when, why and how to destroy them, and how to comply with pertinent statutory and regulatory standards. You will gain a real-world road map and best practices for implementing and updating a records management program that provides a safe harbor.

Benefits for You
•Decipher how the rules differ for paper and electronic records
•Save money by storing only necessary records
•Properly and legally dispose of documents
•Stay up-to-date on privacy issues
•Proactively prepare for litigation through the management of data

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