Wetland Regulation in Ohio


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Concerned about how wetlands regulations are changing – and how your practices may be impacted?

This audio and manual package will be helpful information on the state and federal wetland permitting programs. Meet the challenges ahead and find out what you need to know about potential mitigation strategies. These are just a few of the valuable tips we will discuss at this must-purchase audio and manual package. You will gain the benefit of the authors' years of experience to assist you to succeed – no matter what challenges arise. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn to navigate the complex and changing issues surrounding wetlands.

Benefits for You
- Find out what you need to know about trends in enforcement actions;
- Discover the variety of wetlands and how they are regulated
- Stay up-to-date on recent legislative and case law change;
- Get up-to-date on state and federal compensatory mitigation requirements

Scott Doran, Kegler, Brown, Hill + Ritter
Bill Acton, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Hugh F. Crowell MS, PWS, Hull & Associates, Inc.
Katherine E. Fontaine PWS, Burgess & Niple, Inc.
Mick Micacchion MS, PWS, Midwest Biodiversity Institute
Ric Queen, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Frank J. Reed Jr., Frost Brown Todd LLC