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Vermont Continuing Legal Education(CLE) Courses

Find Vermont CLE Approved Live Webinars, Seminars, Online and Ondemand Courses.

Meeting continuing legal education (CLE) training requirements can be a challenge, particularly when a busy practice and other responsibilities put their demands on your time.

To help you earn Vermont CLE credits, Lorman Education Services has partnered with the state bar association to offer a wide range of approved online training through live and archived webinars, video lessons and self-study options. Our programming is designed to deliver truly useful content for today’s working professionals, with topics ranging from police misconduct to tax and estate law.

Browse Thousands of Online and Ondemand Vermont CLE Approved Courses to:

Grow Your Practice With Lorman

In Vermont, CLE is more than just an annual requirement — it’s an investment in your career and the future of your practice. At Lorman, we strive to deliver training that offers genuine value for all professionals. The legal world is changing constantly, and keeping your education up-to-date ensures you continue delivering results for your clients. CLE can also be an opportunity to explore different professional directions and take your practice to interesting and rewarding new areas.

Convenient Training Options That Meet Your Working Needs

CLE only provides genuine benefits when it doesn’t take time away from your professional responsibilities. To make it easier for you to serve your clients while getting the training you need to grow your career, Lorman offers multiple online training options that meet Vermont CLE credit requirements:

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An annual Lorman Education Services All-Access Pass gives you unlimited opportunities to meet your online Vermont CLE requirements through any of our programming options. For just $699, you get priority access to all training content, as well as additional benefits such as our Vermont CLE credit tracker for monitoring your progress. When it comes to online legal education, there’s no better value!

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